The conference will be held at Hulme Hall, which is located on a pleasant nine-acre site, just ten minutes walk from the centre of the University. It is also the oldest hall of residence at the University. The original Hall built in 1870 was expanded in 1966 with the addition of five modern residential buildings and new facilities. It was further extended in 1992, with the opening of Burkhardt House, containing 129 en-suite rooms.

Hulme Hall is located just south of the city centre.
Its address is: Hulme Hall, Oxford Place, Victoria Park, Manchester, M14 5RR.
The phone number for Hulme Hall's reception is #44 (0)161 275 0210.
Hulme Hall is here on Google maps.

As well as providing conference facilities, Hulme Hall is also a students' hall of residence, and it is marked as Number 16 on the University's (student) accommodation map. It is c. 10-15 minutes' walk south of the main campus. Simply head south along Oxford Road (ie, away from the city centre), past a series of hospitals all on the left-hand side and Whitworth Art Gallery on the right. Turn left into Rusholme Place, leading to Oxford Place (the turning before Rusholme Place is into Hathersage Road) and continue for about 150 yards, past the turning into Oxney Road (on the right). Hulme Hall is then on your right. Please note that Oxford Road turns into Wilmslow Road about level with Rusholme Place, but where it cuts through the Manchester University campus it is still called Oxford Road. 

You can easily catch a bus along Oxford Road from the city centre - there are hundreds, running every few minutes. The fare differs from bus company to bus company, so you'll need to ask the driver how much it is when you get on. You should be ok if you ask for 'the stop after the hospitals at the end of Oxford Road' and they should be able to give you change. You will need to stay on the bus all the way along Oxford Road to just past the two hospitals (which are on one campus, on the left hand side). If you take the bus, look out for the hospitals and get out at the first stop after them. You then need to take a left turn into Rusholme Place and follow the instructions above.

Registration for the conference will be on the ground floor of the main Hulme Hall building, in the Porters' Lodge, starting at 4.30 pm on Tuesday, July 1st . Simply continue straight ahead after walking into the Hulme Hall complex, past parked cars on your left, until you come to a building with glass doors (also on your left). Go through the glass doors and turn right to find yourself in the Porters' Lodge. Drinks and dinner will be offered to delegates in Hulme Hall on the Tuesday night. Paper sessions will begin at 9.00 am on Wednesday, July 2nd and the first keynote will present at 11.00 am. The confernence will end with lunch on the Friday at 12.30.