Getting There

Travelling to Copenhagen

By air 

Copenhagen airport: The main airport for Copenhagen is Kastrup Copenhagen airport. Most airlines fly to Copenhagen. 

Malmö airport: There is also a possibility to fly to Malmö airport Sturup and then take a bus to Malmö Central station and then the train to Copenhagen. To find out what airlines fly to Malmö airport please check the link

By train

Copenhagen is easily accessible by train from most European cities. There are for example direct trains from Hamburg and Berlin. There are also night trains (mostly direct) from Amsterdam, Munich and Basel. 

City Night Line: Recently a new direct connection was established from Switzerland picking up passengers en route through Germany to Copenhagen Central. Their homepage can be found at

Practical information for delegates needing a visa to travel to Denmark and Sweden

Denmark and Sweden are both part of the Schengen agreement. This means that if you have a visa to travel to Denmark you can also travel to Sweden from Denmark without needing another visa. A visa to one Schengen country allows the possibility to travel within the whole Schengen area. It is advised though to bring your passport when you go to Malmö, Sweden. 

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