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SCOS Update November 2016

Dear SCOSsers,

So many lovely items this month! I have split the digest into calls for papers and events, followed by advertised job positions.

In calls for papers and events we have:
Item 1 : C&O CfP The Animal, (deadline 20 March 2017)
Item 2 : Reminder of SCOS 2017 ‘Carne’ CfP, (deadline 2 December 2016)
Item 3 : GWO CfP Gender, work, organisations and nonhuman animals, (deadline 28th February 2017)
Item 4: Critical MANagement studies? VIDA CMS fringe event on 2nd July 2017 (free!)
Item 5: Ephemera CfP ‘Repair matters’ (deadline 30th April 2017)
Item 6: Art of Management 2018 CfS, (deadline: 27th May 2017)
Item 7: GWO Sydney 2018 CfS, (deadline: 1st June 2017)

In Jobs and vacancies we have:
Item 8: Multiple Vacancies in Bristol
Item 9: Lecturer/Senior Lecturer post at the Open University

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SCOS Update October 2016

Dear SCOSSers,

Summer is leaving us and the new academic year has well and truly started for most. When I think about our little exercise in Uppsala where we discussed the ‘parts’ of SCOS I wonder if this time of the year is the ‘lungs’, when we breathe fresh air into our thinking. Or perhaps we are only blowing hot air out at our students! One has to wonder where our bluster might be taking us, and what role SCOS might have in advocating serious fun as a ‘wind of change’ in knowledge production…reflections on the Facebook group welcome.

Item 1: CfP EGOS 2017 Copenhagen, sub-theme 22 “Organizations, Language/s and Mobility/ies” Deadline Jan 9thItem 2: C&O Anxiety and Organization deadline reminder 28th October
Item 3: VIDA manifesta
Item 4: New issue of ephemera out now on consumption of work and the work of consumption

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SCOS Update September 2016

Dear Scossers,

It was so fabulous to see so many new and traditional faces at the SCOS conference in Uppsala. I hope all who attended had a great time and found the animal theme as inspiring as I did. Following the theme, there is now a CfP for Culture and Organization which many of you may wish to consider as an outlet for your research. I hope for many of us, this SCOS was unforgettable, not only thanks to hellan gore, but also Bob Monkhouse!
For all the new members, please send any items for circulation on the mailing list to me for inclusion in our digest, and you can also find many SCOSsers on social media such as Facebook to continue the fabulous ideas and inspirations from previous and future conference themes. It’s also a great place to swap articles, poetry, art and a variety of other materials!

Check out these five fantastic items for you today:

Item 1: Next SCOS conference in Rome. Theme: Carne
Item 2: Workshop on Waste at Lund University
Item 3: Ethnography Workshop in Manchester, UK
Item 4: Culture & Organisation CfP Special Issue on the Animal, submit by March 2017!
Item 5: Plan ahead – SCOS is going to join ACSCOS in Japan in August 2018!

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SCOS Update May 2016

Dear Scossers,
sunshine at last! And a few fab items to pique your interest. Don’t forget to register for SCOS 2016 – it would be great to see you all! Poor Scossy is working super hard to make sure everyone will have a fantastic time (apparently the organizers may be helping too).

Item 1: Can the researcher learn from his/her research? Paris June 23-24
Item 2: XL ANPAD Conference, Brazil September 25-28
Item 3: Depoliticization and the political today, London May 20th

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