‘Quarantine SCOS’: 7th July 2020 – Join us online from ‘Everywhere and Nowhere ‘

Date: 7th July 2020 – hold the date! Venue – Everywhere and Nowhere

We were thinking how sad it was that this year SCOSers would not have our annual get together. We knew we’d miss gaining a boost from hearing serious fun presentations and engaging with our warm and welcoming community. So we decided to do something! We hope you will want to participate.

We have designed a virtual SCOS event that enables people around the globe to participate irrespective of their time zone. During the event, we will hold 3 scossy-style social drop-in activities where people can see familiar faces and catch up. In between these events, we will have an ‘idea petting zoo’. This will be a scheduled session for supportive critical discussions like those we miss from in-person conference presentations. Ideas do not thrive in quarantined isolation, so we are calling for submissions of early-stage ideas, papers, or discussion topics. Proposers should aim to submit a short film or talk about your SCOSsey idea. We would be particularly excited by anything on the theme of Quarantine, and as usual, there is an open stream. We will organise the contributions into session themes. At each session the preprepared film would run then there would be an opportunity for chat and discussion. The virtual SCOS will also include a virtual ‘SCOS’ bag to celebrate World Chocolate Day, kitchen discos and lounge karaokes. 

Thoughts on Quarantine

Confined to our homes, the kitchen table, late-night hours and brief outdoor moments are now becoming spaces for research, teaching, childcare and daily life. Are our creative ideas themselves being quarantined? For how long? After what length of time is an idea no longer contagious to others? At what distance are other ideas safe from its influence? What type of space is the quarantine space; one of isolation, or of radical conviviality?

Ideas do not thrive in the isolation of the mind, but in interactions with others which are now rare, experienced under conditions of fatigue, disembodiment and interruption. SCOS invites the interruption to be recuperated through presenting on SCOSSy ideas about quarantine or other SCOSSy topics.

Theme suggestions:

  • Ideas in quarantine & quarantine academia
  • Spaces and places during the lockdown
  • Rioting and resistance
  • Quarantined bodies, emotions and affect
  • Privilege and quarantine
  • Critiquing the ‘new normal’
  • Virtual mechanisms and demands of care 
  • Returning to SCOSsy conference themes of the past – what have we learnt?

Submission formats:

  • Videos or audio files of spoken ideas no longer than 5 minutes 
  • and would be recordings of your presentations in mp4 or powerpoint show format

If you want to participate please sign up here: https://forms.gle/zgpRYBtG3YuaY7oE6 by the 23rd June.

We are asking for submissions in advance in order to manage the technology.

Disorganising Committee: Lynne Baxter, Anne-marie Greene, Carolyn Hunter and Laura Mitchell

Standing Conference on Organisational Symbolism