SCOS Update July 2019

Dear All,

SCOS 2019

First and foremost, SCOS York 2019 was one of the very best SCOSSs ever! A haunting experience for everyone who came. Thanks of course, to Lynne and Caroline for amazing organising – all sorts of little details thought through beforehand, fab events, fab food, fab pompoms! But also, of course, to everyone who came and gave papers and contributed in all sorts of ways. And thanks too, to Blue Scossy who came out of retirement and managed to haunt all sorts of places.

Humanistic Management Network Conference: Krakow 10-11 October 2019

Of course, we hope you are beginning to think about SCOS 2020 in Copenhagen; 6-9 July. More on that to come. But if you want to think about an event nearer to hand, the Humanistic Management Network is holding its annual conference this year in Krakow on the 10th-11th October. Some SCOSsers are involved in organising / presenting – Monika Kostera is on the organising committee and The UK Chapter of the HMN will be facilitating n open space event for national chapters on the 11th October – and again, some nice overlap in membership between SCOS and HMN UK.  The SCOS Board will be having its autumn meeting in Krakow the day before the conference starts so there will be a nice SCOS presence there.  The conference is very cheap – only 25 euros if you register before the end of July (not counting accommodation of course, but still cheap)!

The theme is Solidarity and the Common Good. Here’s the line – do register!


CFP: Journal of Management, Spirituality and Religion

Monika Kostera is on the editorial board of JMSR and writes: ‘We would be absolutely thrilled and also sincerely honoured if as many SCOSsers as they please would consider us as the journal they would wish to submit their ghostly (and also others) articles to: 

Attached is a form for special issue proposals – please consider submitting one, a Ghostly issue would be perfect.’

New SCOS Chair

We have a new chair of the SCOS Board, Ann-marie Greene. Welcome Ann-marie, and grateful thanks to Thomas Lennerfors, who will still be involved in the Board through Culture and Organization. There have been a few other changes on the Board and the next newsletter will contain the full list of members and their responsibilities.


For non-antipodean SCOSsers I hope you will all be having time this summer for some serious play, with the balance more on ‘play’ than ‘serious’! Those amazingly creative ideas you all keep having won’t flourish without some proper RnR.


Christina Schwabenland

Membership secretary