SCOS Update June 2019


SCOS Conferences the social and intellectual (in that order???) even of the year!

SCOS 2019 in York is now closed for registration because all the places have been taken! This is great, as long as you have already booked. it should be a spookily good event!

If you haven’t managed to book then there’s some consolation – the dates for SCOS 2020 are 6-9 July in Copenhagen, so keep those dates free.

SCOS Board

Would you like to join the SCOS Board? It’s fun, it’s a great community of colleagues, and without the Board to organize and co-ordinate our activities SCOS wouldn’t exist. (That’s not to minimize everyone else’s contributions – without your papers and articles and ideas it wouldn’t exist either). We have two positions that will be vacant from July 2020: the position of Board Secretary and Website Officer. If you are interested in either of those and want to know more, do contact Ann-marie Greene (who is currently Board Secretary but is taking over the Chair role in July) ( or Scott Lawley (currently the Website officer but giving that up in order to take on a more direct role with Culture and Organization) ( Ann-marie will be contacting everyone with more details about how to nominate someone (yourself or other) and the voting procedures.


The long awaited SCOS book will be launched in York and all delegates will have a copy in their conference bag. There will be e-books available too, so the next newsletter should tell you how to access it, costs etc.

Very interesting event for anyone interested in arts based methodologies (but very, very short notice)

The Visual & Embodied Methodolgies network (VEM):

 at KCL is organising its first workshop on 3-4 June 2019,  at the Exchange (Bush House, London) on the use of visual, embodied and art-based methodologies in the study of violence, conflict and marginalisation in/from the Global South.

The VEM Workshop: 3-4 June 2019

This two-day workshop, organised by Negar Behzadi, with  Drs Jelke Boesten, Rachel Kerr, Pablo de Orellana, Henri Redwood, and Prof Cathy McIlwaine gathers around 20 scholars from within and outside of King’s College (in international development, geography, anthropology, philosophy, area studies, migration studies). We are delighted to have a series of great guest speakers who have accepted our invitation – including  Prof Sophie Harman (Keynote speaker and producer of the film Pili), Dr Lars Waldorf & Dr Sofie Narbed (on the use of dance-research), Dr Olivera Simic (on film in war contexts),  Dr Camilla Morelli (on animation with indigenous youth), Dr Choman Hardi (poetry): (see programme attached). The other presenters will be coming from various departments at King’s College London to share their experience with film making, collaboration with artists, photography, theatre, sculpture. Some of the artists who have participated in research-art collaborations will also lead these discussions.

The events will all take place at the Exchange, Bush House, and will  include:

•    Presentations by scholars and artists

•    Kenote by Prof Sophie Harman: 3 June, 11am

•    A poetry reading by Dr Chorman Hardi followed by a reception: 3 June, 6pm

•    A Contact Improvisation Workshop by Mark Rietema: 4 June, 10 am (all welcome)

•    Links: for the workshop, for the poetry reading (with the link to the eventbrite for the poetry reading)

Please register to attend both the workshop and the poetry reading:

•    by signing up on the eventbrite for the poetry reading

•    by writing an email to  to attend the workshop (please note that number of places are limited)

That all at the moment – hope to see you in York.

Christina Schwabenland

Membership secretary