SCOS Update September 2019

Dear All,

SCOS Newsletter September 2019

For the non-Antipodean Scossers, hope you all had some unserious fun over August and thought unserious thoughts and read unserious books on the beach!

Here’s a really interesting event coming up:

The deadline for submitting abstracts is 10 September so you do need to get on to it straight away. It’s in Lillehammer, in Norway at the end of November.

Humanistic Management Network Conference: Krakow 10-11 October 2019

I mentioned this in the last newsletter but there are still places for the Humanistic Management Network annual conference in Krakow on the 10th-11th October. Some SCOSsers are involved in organising / presenting – Monika Kostera is on the organising committee and The UK Chapter of the HMN will be facilitating n open space event for national chapters on the 11th October – and again, some nice overlap in membership between SCOS and HMN UK.  The SCOS Board will be having its autumn meeting in Krakow the day before the conference starts so there will be a nice SCOS presence there.  The conference is very cheap!

The theme is Solidarity and the Common Good. Here’s the line – do register!



Christina Schwabenland

Membership secretary