Dragon was the name of the first SCOS journal, which today (through many iterations) lives on as Culture and Organization. Here you can access some of the very first issues of this fine journal, and also see some of the seminal movements of modern organization theory.

Dragon 1(1)
Dragon 1(2)January 1985
Dragon 1(3)February 1986
Dragon 1(4)April 1986
Dragon 1(5)June 1986
Dragon 1(6)August 1986
Dragon 1(7)September 1986
Dragon 1(8)December 1986
Dragon 2(1) (TBA)
Dragon 2(2)August 1987
Dragon 2(3)October 1987
Dragon 2(4)December 1987
Dragon 2(5)February 1988

Standing Conference on Organisational Symbolism