Past Conferences


2021‘Difference’ Copenhagen Business SchoolConference website
2020‘Quarantine SCOS’: 7th July 2020 - Join us online from 'Everywhere and Nowhere 'Link to call
2019York, UK
Conference website
2018Tokyo, Japan
Wabi-sabi (侘寂): Imperfection, incompleteness and impermanence in organizational life
Conference website
2017Rome, Italy
Carne: Flesh and Organization
Conference website
2016Uppsala, Sweden
The Animal
Conference website
2015Nottingham, UK
Conference website
2014Utrecht, Netherlands
Sport, Play and Game
2013Warsaw, Poland
Creative De-construction
Conference website
2012Barcelona, Spain
Organising through Displacement, Travel and Movemement
2011Istanbul, Turkey
Recovery and Organization
2010Lille, France
Conference website
2009Copenhagen, Denmark & Malmö, Sweden
The Bridge: Connection, separation, organization
Conference website
2008Manchester, UK
The City: Regenerating Management and Organization?
Conference website
2007Ljubljana, Slovenia
Signs of the Future: Management, Messianism, Catastrophe
Conference website
2006Nijmegen, Netherlands
The Good, the Bad and the Ugly: Organizations and Demons
2005Stockholm, Sweden
Excess and Organization
2004Halifax, Canada
2003Cambridge, UK
Organizational wellness: mens sana in corporate sano?
2002Budapest, Hungary
Speed: Research and Representation in the Age of Instantaneous Organization
2001Dublin, Ireland
Organizations Institutions and Violence
2000Athens, Greece
1999Edinburgh, UK
1998Guarujá, Brazil
Organizations and Symbols of Competition
1997Warsaw, Poland
The Empty Space
1996Los Angeles, US
Exploring the Post-industrial Sub-culture
1995Turku, Finland
Self and Identity in Organizations
1994Calgary, Canada
Organizing the Past
`1993Collbató, Spain
Organizations and Symbols of Transformation
1992Lancaster, UK
Organization and Theatre
1991Copenhagen, Denmark
The Valhalla Conference - Restructuring Organizational Culture
1990Saarbrücken, Germany
Symbolics of Technological Innovation
1989Fontainebleu, France
The Symbolics of Leadership
1988Istanbul, Turkey
Organizational Culture in Different Civilizations
1987Milan, Italy
The symbolics of corporate artifacts
1986Montréal, Canada
Cultural engineering: The evidences for and against
1986Hull, UK
Metatheory of symbolism
1985Trento, Italy,
1985Antibes, France
Corporate Image
Organizational Symbolism and Corporate Culture
Conference video
1983Groningen, Netherlands
Rites and rituals
1982Exeter, UK
Corporate culture

Standing Conference on Organisational Symbolism