Standing Conference on Organisational Symbolism 5th July 2022

With a heavy heart, the SCOS board took the decision that we would not be able to continue with this year’s planning to meet in Kraków for SCOS 2022. Therefore, we are planning an online event with a local twist.

In the spirit of bringing together the SCOS community and in support of scholars affected by the conflict in the Ukraine, the virtual event will be themed ‘Solidarity’. The one day event will include online talks related to the current crisis in the Ukraine. In addition, we will ask for submissions from SCOS colleagues on the theme of ‘Solidarity’. Finally the event will also allow for SCOSSers to make submissions to organise local meet ups on the day, to run a workshop, talk and / or raise awareness of activities to support scholars and students from the Ukraine and surrounding regions.

The virtual SCOS event is designed so that SCOSSers around the globe can participate irrespective of their time zone. During the event we will hold 3 virtual social drop in activities where people can see familiar faces and catch up. We will organise the submissions into themes for the sessions, and meetups can take place in locations and at times throughout the day.

Thoughts on Solidarity
The theme of the online event will be Solidarity. Solidarity is both materially and symbolically relevant, as we connect with others to raise a stronger voice. As with all SCOS themes, solidarity is important in many walks of life, from our workplaces to personal connections. It’s also relevant when standing with unfamiliar or unknown persons, with an ethical position of how we relate to Others. The theme of the 2022 Kraków conference was ‘Stranger’, and often conflict is perceived to occur somewhere else, to someone else that makes it distant and strange from our personal experiences.


  • Solidarity in words, feelings and actions
  • Voices and accounts of the conflict in the Ukraine
  • Impact of the conflict in the Ukraine on Academia
  • Spatialities of Solidarity
  • Critiquing solidarity and privalige
  • Strangers and Othering
  • Resistance and Solidarity

Submission formats

Online presentations: Submit a 500 word abstract summarising your presentation and the link to the theme.
In person meetups: Please submit a proposal for a local meetup for academics in your nearby area. Events could include workshops, talks and / or raising awareness of activities to support scholars and students from the Ukraine and surrounding regions. The event can relate to the theme of solidarity but also may be a wider activity that fits the SCOS ethos. You may also want to consider how the event could benefit early career researchers (ECRs) in your area.

Small SCOS bursaries may be available to support the costs of in person meetups, e.g. to support attendance, room hire or refreshments. If you wish to apply for funds, please include brief costings and rationale with your meetup proposal.

Form for sign up/deadline
The deadline to submit abstracts and meetup proposals is: June 14th 2022
Please use the following link to a google form to sign up:
You can also use the form to register your attendance if you wish to attend but not present.

Committee: Anne-marie Greene, Bob Townley, Carolyn Hunter, Hugo Gaggiotti, Robert Earhart and Vic Pagan

Standing Conference on Organisational Symbolism