Board Constitution Spring 2017

Chair: Thomas Lennerfors (Sweden)
Secretary & elections: Mary Phillips (UK)
Meetings secretary: Anke Strauss (Germany)

2016 Conference organisers: Thomas Lennerfors & David Sköld (Sweden)
2017 Conference organisers: Ilaria Boncori, Jo Brewis, Charlie Smith (UK), Mauro Gatti, Edoardo Mollona, Luigi Maria Sicca (Italy)

Membership secretary: Laura Mitchell (UK)
Treasurer: Jeroen Vermeulen (The Netherlands) (Are you a SCOS member and interested in our accounts? Then get in contact,
and you will receive a copy.)
Social media editor (Notework editors): Ilaria Boncori (UK)
Web officer: Scott Lawley (UK)

Journal editors (C&O): Ann Rippin (UK) and Annette Risberg (Sweden/Denmark), with associate editors David Sköld (Sweden, for Europe), Rebecca Meisenbach (US, for the Americas), and Janet Sayers (New Zealand, for Australasia, East Asia & Pacific)

Regional representatives:
Allison Pullen (Australia)
Daniel Hartley (UK)
Sarah Dempsey (North America)
Meltem Ferendeci Özgödek (Turkey)
Hugo Gaggiotti (Spain and Italy)
Jean-Luc Moriceau (France)
Christian Garmann Johnsen (Nordic countries)
Janet Sayers (New Zealand)
Néstor Valero-Silva (Latin America)
Masayasu Takahashi (Japan)
Anthony Yue (North America)
Ewa Filipp (Poland)