List of papers now available at:

Uploading your paper

Even though the deadline for submitting papers to the conference proceedings is passed, you can still upload you paper on the conference platform until July 11. Below you find a description of how to use the conference paper platform.

Papers can be uploaded onto the conference platform by following the link to 

You will need to create a user name and password to use for all future occasions. You can do this through the Account tab.

After creating a user name and password then you will need to log in.

When you want to load your paper onto the system you will need to choose a the track non-peer-reviewed and you should publish on the non-peer reviewed papers track (as the peer-reviewed deadline is long passed).

When uploading your paper please only upload one document containing title, author and affiliation at the start, then abstract, paper and references. Any diagrams should be included in the paper at the appropriate place.