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Standing Conference on Organizational Symbolism

SCOS Update September

Hello again Scossers!

An early missive this month, with three lovely items to shoo away the encroaching termtime blues. Please feel free to send any items for the next mailing to me by email, post or carrier pigeon.

1. Seminar & a writing event on the potential of gender theory for critical management @ Bradford University's CROW 17th September

2. Reminder of Heather Höpfl Memorial Seminar at Essex 23rd September

3. Scrawl from Scossy

Enjoy! 🔆
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SCOS Update August, pt.2

Hello all!
I hope you are all having a fun and frolicsome summer! I'm Laura and thanks to the rest of the board I'll be stepping into Harriet's glamorous shoes as membership secretary. In this message we have a missive from each of our outgoing and incoming SCOSBOSSes, a reminder about the facebook group and the deadline for ACSCOS, and finally a postcard from Scossy the dragon ruminating on next year's conference theme. If you have any items you would like to circulate to members, get in touch!

1. Message from Outgoing SCOSSBOSS Ann Rippin
2. Message from Incoming SCOSSBOSS Thomas Lennerfors
3. Facebook Group details
4. Deadline for ACSCOS (22nd August)
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SCOS Update August, pt.1

Here in Great Britain it is the Glorious Twelfth – the Opening Day the Grouse Shooting season opens. I do not condone such things, but it is a chance for anyone eligible to celebrate their Scottish heritage.

Moving on:

Two items today. The first is a call for papers for a special edition of Ephemera with the title “Whither emergence?” and the link is:

The second is a reminder of a call for papers for a Special Edition of Culture and Organization as follows:

Professor Heather Höpfl, 1948-2014: Eine Gedenkschrift
Call for papers for a special issue of Culture and Organization
Volume 23, issue 2, March 2017Read more…

Posts up for election

Dear Scossers

The following posts are up for election, Treasurer, Board Secretary, Meeting Secretary. Please read the notes below on what the roles entail. Remember, there are three Board Meetings a year, and you need to attend at least two of them. If you want to apply for a role, send an email to Lynne Baxter,, with a nominator and seconder by Friday the 26th of June.


Role: Treasurer
Responsibility: Managing income and expenditure (mainly conference and journal monies), preparing annual accounts and reporting to the Board on SCOS finances.

Role: Board Secretary
Responsibility: Taking and distributing minutes, formal correspondence, maintaining archive of minutes and correspondence. Elections officer

Role: Membership/Database Secretary
Responsibility: Notifications to SCOS members via the mailing list, keeping membership records up-to-date, communicating with other Board members concerning membership data (e.g. election officer).
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SCOS Update June

We have three great items this month:

1) A Call for Contributions for the next volume of DIALOGUES IN CMS
2) A seminar on new directions in Gender Theory in Bradford in September
3) A call for papers for the Keele University CASIC Working Paper SeriesRead more…