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Standing Conference on Organizational Symbolism

Extended deadline approaching

Since late November, abstracts and workshop proposals have been waddling, flocking and slithering in to SCOS 2016, on The Animal. While it looks to be a promising conference in Uppsala in July (11-14), we would gently like to remind all of you who have not yet prepared and shared your thoughts on the animal and/of/in organization that the extended deadline for abstract submissions is due in less than three weeks, February 5.

Check out the call for papers at, and submit your abstract (of 500 words, maximum) to

Please also check out the public Facebook group "Standing Conference on Organizational Symbolism", as well as the SCOS page at the same social media platform (

All the best,

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SCOS Update January

Have the January blues been kicked over yet? If not, perhaps these lovely events will perk you right up! We have three items for you today, plus a few motivating reminders that not only can the list of Culture and Organization special issues can be found here, but also that the deadline for abstract submission to SCOS 2016 is approaching very quickly on Feb 5th!

Item 1 – CfP 2nd Workshop on Leadership, Diversity and Inclusion at Copenhagen Business School (CBS) 26-27 May, 2016

Item 2 – Getting deep… arts-based research methods for business and management studies 21-22 March, 2016

Item 3 – "corporate bodies: where film meets organization" Film Festival 11-13th Feb, 2016, The Hague

I'm getting to work on my SCOS abstract right away! where did I put my knitting?

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SCOS 2016 in Uppsala – Abstract deadline extended

Please note that the deadline for the 34th Standing Conference on Organizational Symbolism, which is to be held in Uppsala, Sweden, is being extended till February 5th, 2016. The theme is of course “The Animal”. And you can read more about the venue at

We are very much looking forward to seeing your abstracts submitted to

All the best,

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SCOS Update November

Hello Scossers!

Look at that lovely dreich weather outside the door. The water streams down the window in rivulets reflecting the lamps of the offices in sheets of sparkling light. Where we are all working very hard and not being distracted by the weather at all! Four significant items for you in today's member's digest.

1) Culture & Organization CfP: Professor Heather Höpfl, 1948-2014: Eine Gedenkschrift

2) Creating ethical and inclusive spaces in CMS

3) GWO Stream Women & High-growth entrepreneurship (deadline extended to 10th November)

4) AHRC PhD Funding Midlands3Cities Doctoral Training Partnership 2016

Best Wishes

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SCOS Update October

Hello Scossers, are we all back in the swing of things yet? Students swarming around, the occassional last balmy day promising golden afternoons before winter sets in? The trees here are shyly shedding their summer colours, with the odd branch bursting forth in riotous purple. Everyone is clearly brimming with anticipation, with events swarming in for this month's mailing. Poor Scossy has been swamped by the requests, being reduced only to a Haiku message for reasons of brevity. I'm sure his attempts will nonetheless be appreciated.

As always, please send in anything you would like circulated to members, and feel free to post events on the facebook group too!

Laura 🔆

1: CfP on "Emplacing gender relations in organization: the sociomateriality and spatiality of doing gender" for GWO Conference 2016 (Abstract Deadline 1st November 2015)

2: CfP on "Developing feminist ecologics: Politics, ethics, organization and nature" for GWO Conference 2016 (Abstract Deadline 1st November 2015)

3: CfP on "Human and nonhuman actors within organisations: Feminist analyses" for GWO Conference 2016 (Abstract Deadline 1st November 2015)

4: “Writing: That which touches” for GWO Conference 2016 (Abstract Deadline 1st November 2015)

5: Programme of events on craft, cloth and making at the Department of Management, University of Bristol, September-October 2015

6: Subverting Corruption, LAEMOS 2016, (Abstract Deadline 10th November 2015)

7: A special invitation from David Boje to SCOS members to consider submitting work to the bigSTORY conference Dec 17-19 2015 in Los Angeles. Abstracts by 15th October!

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